Thursday, October 27, 2016

Charter Halibut Meeting Held in Anchorage Oct. 24, 2016

The Charter Management Implementation Committee (CMIC) held its meeting in Anchorage.  The purpose of the meeting was to provide a list of potential management measures to be analyzed for their effect on harvest reductions for 2017.  Prior to the meeting, a preliminary charter halibut harvest estimate for Areas 2C and 3A for 2016 was released (Scott Meyer report).  Preliminary estimates are based on logbook data up to the end of July and projected to the end of the year.  The estimates revealed that Area 2C was under its allocation by 62,354 lbs. or -6.9 percent and Area 3A was over its allocation by 166,523 lbs. or +9.2 percent. 
Area 2C asked for the same range of harvest measures used in 2016 to be analyzed for the 2017 season which will be updated with current stock information provided by the IPHC in November.
Area 3A potential management measures to be analyzed (all with a one trip per day limit, two-fish daily bag limit unless otherwise noted, 4-fish annual limit, and Wednesday closure):
1.  Maximum size limit on one fish, potentially combined with an          annual limit
       a.  Maximum size 26" - 30"
       b. Annual limit 4+
2.  Additional day of the week closure from July 1 - Aug 15
3.  One-fish halibut bag limit for July
       a. Option to extend one-fish daily bag limit from mid-July to                   mid-Aug
4.  Status quo with Reverse Slot Limit on one fish, second fish 28"        or under
       a. Range of slots between U28 - O80.
The recommended harvest measures that would keep each Area under its allocation will be made at the next CMIC meeting on December 7th in Anchorage.  Comments on potential harvest measures for Area 2C should be addressed to Richard Yamada at and for Area 3A to Daniel Donich at or Mike Flores at

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