Friday, November 18, 2016

Boards of Fish & Game Appointments - for 2017 apply now


Please allow this group message to serve as notice that the Governor’s office will be reviewing applicants for the 2017 appointments to the Boards of Fish and Game in the next several weeks. Anyone interested in applying for one of these appointments should insure a current application is on file (note: applications received within the last two years remains active).

See the following link for the online application:

Anyone interested in providing endorsements or other input should send that information to the following email address:

Boards and Commissions:

For more information about the Boards of Fish and Game please go to:

Appointments to the Boards of Fish and Game require Legislative confirmation. As such, 2017 appointments will be presented to the Legislature at the next Legislative session beginning in January. Therefore review of applicants will begin on November 25, 2016.

Best Regards,


John F. Hozey III
Deputy Chief of Staff
Director of Boards and Commissions
Local Government Liaison

Office of the Governor
Juneau, Alaska

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