Thursday, December 8, 2016

Recreational Roundtable with NOAA Fisheries Administrator, Eileen Sobeck and staff

Fun get-together last night: 

A diverse group of charter boat operators, recreational sportfishermen, commercial fishing representatives, ADF&G staff, and Eileen Sobeck, NOAA Administer of Fisheries got together in Anchorage last night.

Ms Sobeck is retiring after 37 years of federal service on January 20th, 2017. Russell Dunn, who is well-known as sport fishing's liaison to NOAA Fisheries on recreational issues, was also in attendance.

The Alaska Charter Association (ACA) and the South East Alaska Guides Organization (SEAGO) in conjunction with  NOAA Fisheries co-hosted a Recreational Fishing Roundtable at the Alaska Heritage Hotel Wednesday night.

Sobeck announced that she was a "short-timer" but she hoped the work her team had done over the past three years would provide a basis for the new administration to build on.

NOAA released a new Policy on Recreational Fisheries this year, and they promised a look at the way rec fishing data is used and consider new ways to bring flexibility to sportfish catch monitoring.

ACA members who attended had an opportunity to share their immediate and long-term concerns about our fishing industry. There was a good cross-section of regions providing commentary about Alaska's sport fisheries.

Special thanks to guys like Eric Lehm, Ben Martin and all the other young recreational fishing charter captains who came and testified for the RQE. 

ACA President Richard Yamada gave info on the development of the CATCH program, and how he got grants for seed money to develop a way out of the allocation shortage we have in Alaska.

The ACA can use your support to convey our message over time and be successful. 

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