Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Meet Our Board Members

The Alaska Charter Association benefits from a solid board of directors, who over the years have volunteered countless hours to ensure the future of our fisheries and the health of the charter industry. Representing ports across Alaska, and a wide array of business models including six-pack charters to full-service lodges, these volunteers each bring a unique perspective to the board of directors. We introduce you to the current board in recognition of their service because you might want to thank them for their work by becoming a member of the Alaska Charter Association.

A lot of us gripe and moan about the rules and regulations but we know the only way to improve things is to get involved. Not everyone can commit the time necessary to attend the regulatory meetings but everyone can tip the scales and improve our odds by supporting the people who do act on our behalf. Joining the Alaska Charter Association is the first step because if you read this far, you have an interest in the outcome, just like the owners of hundreds of Alaskan charter vessels, and thousands of recreational anglers who support them. We've asked the Board of Directors to talk about why they are involved. Have a look, and thank them all for their work.

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