Friday, October 20, 2017

North Council's preferred alternative on CHP registration

Here's the motion that passed at the October NPFMC meeting regarding an annual registration of Charter Halibut Permits:

Alternative 2. Implement an annual registration process for transferable and non-transferable charter halibut permits (CHP). A CHP holder must submit the following information to NMFS on an annual basis to register a CHP:
  • CHP number,
  • CHP holder name (individual or non-individual entity), and
  • CHP holder address.
  • CHP holder phone number and/or CHP holder email address.
    If a CHP is not registered with NMFS, the CHP would not be valid for use during the applicable fishing year.
    Options for additional requirements could include (options are not mutually exclusive):
    Option 1. CHP ownership (e.g., ownership holdings for the CHP by individual(s), partners, or a corporate entity). 

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