Saturday, April 6, 2019

ACA Support's Forrest Braden's Appointment to IPHC Management Strategy Advisory Board

The ACA submitted a letter of support to the IPHC on behalf of Forrest Braden, who is currently Executive Director of the Southeast Alaska Guides Organization. We have worked with Forrest for many years and fully support his appointment to the committee at the IPHC that reviews the science and strategy for Pacific halibut management.

In our letter to Dr. David Wilson, Executive Director of the IPHC, we wrote, "Mr. Braden has been a successful charter fishing captain for decades and has been active in the IPHC process as well as federal fishery management at the North Pacific Fishery Management Council. He serves on the board of the Southeast Alaska Guides Organization, and is currently their Executive Director. We’ve worked with him over the years and recognize him for his good judgement, professional approach and aptitude for data analysis. Mr. Braden has a rare understanding of the overall management of halibut for our industry. The IPHC will be well-served by his participation in the MSAB. The ACA wholly supports his application as the Alaska recreational representative on the MSAB."

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