Saturday, April 6, 2019

HILLCORP Postpones Plans for Seismic Testing in Cook Inlet

In a brief message to stakeholders, Hillcorp spokesperson Jill Schaefer announced, "As you may be aware, Hilcorp has experienced delays in the permitting process, in part due to the government shutdown, required to begin our seismic survey this April.  We understand the waters of lower Cook Inlet are a shared resource.  Therefore our team has made the decision to delay the survey until after the height of fishing and tourist season.  We are actively engaged in discussions with our contractor to delay the survey.  Our commitment to keep the community’s interests and concerns at the forefront will continue as we work to revise our schedule and work plan."

Fishermen have expressed serious concerns about the seismic blasts and its affect on fish and fishing industries in Cook Inlet. Hillcorp previously announced that they would be conducting testing in the waters off the Kenai Peninsula during the middle of the salmon migration this year. Local charter captains expressed relief that the testing has been pushed back to a later date.

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