Friday, October 18, 2019

October: Time to Show Your Support for Alaska Charter Association

Each year in October, ACA members old and new renew support for the statewide recreational charter fishing organization bringing you news and keeping managers on their toes.

Member Benefits Include:

  • Timely updates on regulations
  • Link promoting your business
  • Funding the Reps who travel to meetings when you can't
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Strength in Numbers and Statewide Reach
  • Decision-makers hear a consistent voice for our industry
  • Members-Only Info Page at
  • Voting Rights on Board Elections
  • Advance notice of potential threats to our fisheries

Charter Fishing Factsheet by the Numbers

Guided Fishing for Halibut in Alaska:
Charter Fishing Factsheet by the Numbers

Number of Charter Halibut Businesses in Alaska:

  • Southcentral Alaska: 269
  • Southeast Alaska: 227

Estimated Number of Recreational Anglers who enjoyed a trip for halibut in Homer on Charter Fishing Boats this year: 
Thirty-five Thousand.

In 2011, heavy restrictions on charter fishing for halibut were placed these anglers and businesses. On the Kenai Peninsula, the total economic output from the charter fishery to the local economy at that time was $248 million.

In 2015, limited entry, reduced charter fleet size, and lack of fishing opportunity for guided anglers reduced demand for trips, and sapped the economic output to the state’s economy and tax base:

Losses during that period include:
  • $7.3 million less state and local taxes
  • $23 million less wages for employees
  • $26 million less household income

In 2007, anglers took 151,646 trips for halibut in South-central, declining to 107,835 in 2018

Days open to guided halibut fishing were reduced as much as 2 days a week, and less fish were caught per trip on average because of new fishing restrictions: 

  • 2007: 1.7 halibut per angler/trip
  • 2018: 1.25 halibut per angler/trip

SourcesMeasuring economic contributions of the marine recreational charter fishing sector using a resampling approach , pre-publication  by Daniel K. Lew * and Chang K. Seung for NOAA and Final 2017 Sport Halibut Harvest Estimates for Areas 2C and 3A, Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Charter Industry Reps Testify on Impacts of Trawl Bycatch on Alaskan Economy

Captain Greg Sutter, past President of the Alaska Charter Association, provides public testimony to the Advisory Panel of the NPFMC 

The North Council met at Land's End Resort in Homer. Charter Captains from around the state asked the Council for strong limits on by catch in trawl fisheries in the Bering Sea in the "Abundance Based Management" process.

Industry Reception for North Council Attendees Huge Success!

The Alaska Charter Association cohosted an industry reception for attendees of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council meeting in Homer. Co-hosts North Pacific Fisheries Association and the Under 60' Cod Harvestors helped us organize the event, and we are grateful to all the local businesses and fishing associations sponsoring the food and refreshments at the well-attended event. Over 200 people enjoyed locally produced seafood and shared notes on the council process.

Special Thanks to the staff at Land's End Resort for serving top-notch seafood to the gathering!


Thursday, October 17, 2019

With new permit, Hilcorp can now blast seismic air guns at night

"Hilcorp may now blast seismic air guns at night in lower Cook Inlet. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released a modified permit Friday, allowing the company to explore for oil and gas after the sun sets."

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