Friday, February 14, 2020

Homer News: "Halibut Charters Get New Regulations"

by Michael Armstrong, Homer News

The guided halibut charter fleet for Area 3A, including Homer, had its allocation set at 1.71 million pounds for the 2020 season at International Pacific Halibut Commission meetings last week in Anchorage. That’s better than some captains had feared, but to err on the side of conservation, the IPHC approved slightly more-stringent regulations recommended by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council.

“We got the best possible outcome available,” said charter captain Ben Martin of North Country Charters, who is president of the Homer Charter Association. “… I’m coming away with it as a win for us.”

Under the new regulations, guided anglers cannot fish or keep halibut on Tuesdays as well as the current Wednesdays closure. They can still keep two fish per day, with one halibut of any size, but the second fish allowed has been reduced from under the current limit of 28 inches to under 26 inches.

“The potential allocation was lower and would have meant even more restrictive measures,” said Stephen Keith, Assistant Director of the IPHC.

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