Friday, March 13, 2020

Poll Results on Coronavirus Impacts on Charter Fishing Industry

Thank you to those that responded to our Coronavirus Poll, recently posted in our Alaska Charter newsletter.

The intent was to gather some information on perceptions and plans surrounding this now classified Coronavirus pandemic. There were 33 responses of which 53% were lodges.

Reactions were mixed regarding whether or not people felt bookings would be affected this summer with 57% saying yes.

It is still early in the game to judge exact impacts, but operators that serve cruise ship passengers definitely feel their businesses will take a hit. Results also are mixed on how this outbreak will impact operations and hiring of staff. Most indicate they will have to increase efforts in sanitation and implement policies regarding dealing with employees and clients that show symptoms of cold or flu if not already addressed in their operations. We will be discussing how operators plan to address issues of self isolation if staff or guests get sick via twitter.

The majority of respondents felt getting supplies this summer will not be a problem. A trip to Costco today may say different, but maybe supplies will catch up before our season starts. Most operators, 79%, are not planning to screen clients for illnesses and only 41% are planning on sending out a pre-arrival notice of how they are planning to address the coronavirus in their operations. This may change as this is a fast evolving situation and ACA will be sending out another poll next month to see if attitudes and plans have changed.

Let us know how you plan to address potential cancellations due to the Coronavirus and tell our community about it by posting a reply to this blog post.

Most travel insurance policies have exclusions for virus related cancellations unless you are diagnosed and in hospital care. These exclusions may also apply to business interruption policies that some operators may have. Check with your insurance provider.

Depending on your deposit and full payment policy deadlines, you may already be facing hard decisions with your loyal and repeat guests. How do you plan to handle this and still keep good relations with your guests?

We would like to hear from you!

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