Monday, February 1, 2021

Halibut Commission Finalizes Alaska Charter Angler Regs for 2021

Final Management Measures for Charter Halibut in Alaska

for Area 2C:
One-fish bag limit with size limit of less than or equal to 50 inches or greater than or equal to 72 inches.

For Area 3A:
Two-fish bag limit with one fish of any size and a second fish less than or equal to 32 inches, Wednesdays closed to retention of halibut, one trip per vessel and one trip per CHP per day (no annual limit). 

After a long week, the IPHC and our representatives on its advisory Conference Board worked hard to develop regulations for the 2021 halibut season and produced results for guided recreational anglers in Alaska.

Our thanks go out to ACA President Garrett Lambert, Homer Charter Association President Ben Martin, and Brian Ritchie representing the CATCH Committee for their participation on the Conference Board, and Forrest Braden, Executive Director of SEAGO. They stayed fully engaged with the Conference Board throughout the week, providing input and recommendations on the decisions.

We also want to thank past ACA President Richard Yamada, whose appointment to the Halibut Commission marked the first time in its history that a recreational fisherman represented the U.S. side in the international negotiations.

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